TSA year end bash 2014

Cloud 9 AV was selected to provide the audio visual systems for this year’s toronto society of architects year end bash #tsabash2014. #sonos, #sony , #samsung and #screeninnovations helped supply our solutions for the venue at the new fort york

When less is more in your AV cabinet

What a cabling nightmare! If the Toronto snow storm wasn’t enough last night, I had the pleasure today of finding the worst wiring mess and complicated multi-room audio system I’ve come across in almost a decade. I definitely won’t mention

SONOS and subscription services

SONOS has really dominated the multi-room music scene in the past 24 months. Although there are many reasons to use a more traditional platform with multi-channel amps in an AV rack in the basement controlled from your whole home controller

Toronto Life Smart Home Article

Cloud 9 AV was recently featured in Toronto Life magazine.

Where’s that contractor?

Do your contractors drive you up the wall with excuses for their schedules? How many times have you been to your job site to find no one is there? It is absolutely part of the norm and maybe it’s because

SONOS adds Google Play

SONOS is now supporting Google Play for online music streaming. Unfortunately the initial launch doesn’t support Canada but for our US VPN clients, this will work today. Ask us how we can enable your US content. Check out the video

Go jays go!!!!

Home opener for the jays.

Popcorn-Time is today’s Napster FREE movies are coming

You thought Netflix was great because you could easily pull up movies and hit “play”. That’s the beauty of the streaming world. The kids can pick and choose and you don’t have to buy your movies or TV shows. You

Cresford launch at Yonge & Merton

Setup for Christmas morning

This happens every year and although we are working overtime to get all our customers’ systems ready for their holidays, it is fun to hear the excitement from the work we do. The kids are excited and having systems that

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