Apple Airplay…mirror your screen on your TV

Apple recently released OS X Mavericks and most MAC users can update for Free. Find out more from apple by clicking the link at the bottom.

This update is not that big of a deal but my favourite feature has to be screen sharing or as Apple calls it…mirroring.

What is Mirroring?

mac airplay screenshot

If you don’t have an Apple TV ($109 CAD) and you use a MAC at home, you are missing one of the best features available to you. With most current MACs, iPADs, iPhones and even iPod Touch devices you can very easily share what you have on your screen with everyone in the room on your HDTV…wirelessly.

Yes, simply use Apple Airplay to send what you have displayed on your screen to your 65″ LED in your family room or your 120″ projection system in the basement.

airplay icon

This is perfect for sharing your photos with friends and family…but make sure you also serve them wine since not everyone thinks your family trip is that interesting. As long as you do…that’s what counts.

What do you need for Mirroring or Airplay on Apple TV?

  • An Apple TV connected with HDMI to your HDTV
  • A reliable home network (wired or wireless)
  • An Apple supported device

Not sure how to get started or want help with other home technology, please give us a call. We would be happy to help.

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