Whole Home WiFi from Araknis

We have been testing and using several access point solutions over the years and many work but several just fail and that just doesn’t work in our business. For basic email and web surfing the occasional lock up or connection issue you will find in mesh networks or your ISP’s All-in-one Modem/Router/Wifi access point is manageable but with our streaming solutions, the network has to be amazing.

Take a look at this review by SnapAV of the 500 and 700 series access points.

For the past 3 years we have worked very closely with SnapAV’s Araknis product line. The systems scale to what ever size house or business we are dealing with and we have remote management tools we depend on to help our clients with issues immediately from where ever our technicians happen to be. (Dave is usually on the beach).

As building blocks, we start with the router connected to your ISP…typically Bell or Rogers. This is also a critical element for security and privacy. The router acts as your firewall and is your police of the network. The new OvrC system also enables us to add parental controls, scheduled wifi limits, etc…great for teenagers who won’t put away their devices.

Next we need to connect all of our LAN devices. Everything you hardwire to your network will help alleviate the WiFi network for the devices that really need it…your smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. We use network switches to connect all of these devices and they come in 5 ports, 8 ports, 16 ports, 24 ports or 48 ports. The ports can also contain POE+ which allows us to power the end device like an Access Point or other POE enabled devices like doorbells, touch panels, cameras, etc.

Finally we design and place the Wireless Access Points in strategic locations throughout the home using CAT6 so they have a gigabit connection to your network.

Now you can roam throughout the house with crystal clear and blazing fast network access.

When things need fixing, we can help you remotely using our OvrC tools.

For help with your network, please contact us by filling out the form.


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