ARC: The New Dolby Atmos Soundbar from SONOS

Introducing the all new SONOS Arc Soundbar 

The all new 2020 SONOS Arc supports Dolby Atmos for amazing surround sound built into the single bar.

PRE-ORDER Now and schedule your installations with your smart home experts. (Under our contact page, please select “Help with a new project”)

The ARC is gorgeous in Black or White and can be installed on your mantel, media cabinet or with the optional wall mount can be positioned perfectly below your TV.

The ARC measures just under 45″ wide (as compared to the Playbar which was just under 36″) to fit with any 55″ or larger television. For smaller TVs, the SONOS Beam is our preferred solution.

For clients looking to conceal soundbars, we also have accessories from amazing companies like LEON for all of the SONOS products.

Integrate and Conceal your SONOS with LEON

The new 2020 Tonecase FIT Universal – available in July

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  1. Hi, Great Review very Informative and Thorough. You post helped me a lot to choose the right soundbar for my tv cabinet. It’s a great sound bar for the price. High quality sound and does exactly what I needed it to do. Music sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

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