Basement Media Room for the Kids

Basement Transformation in Toronto’s Wychwood / Cedarvale Area.

We worked closely with the home owner, Lori, and her designer, Sunny Gervan, to create a retreat area for the whole family in this Wychwood / Cedarvale area residence. The basement was primary used for storage and hockey equipment prior to this renovation and they really needed the extra space as the kids are getting older.

At the beginning we aimed to have a large 120″ projection screen come down from the ceiling parallel to the window at the front (opposite the stairs) but the space, furniture layout and bulk heads didn’t allow us this option in a cost effective manner. Working on a third or fourth iteration of the space layout we finalized on using the wall at the bottom of the stairs for the TV and using a fairly shallow media console to keep the equipment local and therefore at a more affordable price.


The space turned out amazing and the layout works really well for watching movies or playing video games.

You may be wondering about the black ceiling…it definitely takes a brave client to try it but I love the dark ceiling. It was great to have Sunny and Lori on board for this dramatic effect.

Finished Basement

The system is made up of:

  • 65″ Samsung Smart TV
  • SONOS White Playbase below the TV for the front speakers
  • Monitor Audio 6.5″ In-ceiling FX speakers for the rear surrounds connected to a SONOS Connect Amp
    • speakers were painted black at our shop to match the ceiling
  • SONOS White Subwoofer
  • Logitech Harmony Elite Pro to allow for hidden equipment and a single remote
  • Apple TV & SONY PS4 for TV and Gaming
  • Birte TV stand from ALLMODERN.COM

Budget for this project

  • Just under $15,000 CAD with taxes


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