Rack or No Rack for your Smart Home?

As integrators and smart home systems installers we are responsible for educating and advising our clients. Some of our competitors can do things for less and it is sometimes difficult for clients to understand why. It really does come down to attention to detail and why every contractor out there is going to do things differently. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a tiling, HVAC or AV company…each trade does things a certain way based on experience, craftsmanship or requirements. As a customer, you need to ask the right questions so there are no surprises and expectations are clear.

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Control4 “When >> Then” Personalized Automation


Watch the video to find out how home automation can be implemented to fit your lifestyle. The “When >> Then” methods are similar to IFTTT … “if this then that”.

Here are some automation suggestions based on the type of equipment that might be
installed in your home, with each proposed system getting more elaborate.

Basic Control4 system (system controller and remote)

WHEN a custom button on the system remote is pressed >>

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What questions should designers and contractors ask their clients?

Are you a designer or contractor that does remodelling or new construction projects?

Whether you are doing a single room project (kitchen reno), a full renovation or new build, what questions should designers and contractors ask their clients to better understand their technology needs?

Much like understanding how your clients like to cook, you need to understand how they want to live when it comes to technology. You don’t need to have the technical answers but consider the following situations…

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NEST available through Cloud 9 AV

We are proud to be an authorized NEST Thermostat and NEST Protect dealer.

Find our more through the NEST website or send us an email and we can assess if your home or business can leverage NEST.

See the Youtube video here

We are also excited about future integration with our automation systems. NEST is currently working on open integration which will allow us to perform some of the automation functions we currently offer through our home automation platforms.

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A Sports Fan’s Dream Room

Client request:

“I want the biggest TV that will fit in the elevator and 3 smaller TVs above for my US sports.”

End Result:

A massive 4 TV combination that is surprisingly easy to use. It took our client 30 seconds to understand the logic of the remote control thanks to the great work of Glen Falkiner. See below under “Controlling it all” for details on Glen’s wizardry.

From Start to Finish:

With the work we get to do, we sometimes have clients with great vision and excitement for their systems (not to mention a realistic budget).

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Home Automation using ELAN g! – Hometime TV show 2011

At Cloud 9, we offer many great systems at every price point you can imagine. You definitely get what you pay for but one of the great pleasures we have is doing automation for very little money. There are many little tricks out there that allow us to integrate systems for less than some people expect. One of our favourite platforms is Home Automation using ELAN g!

This platform is extremely affordable when compared to Control4, Crestron and RTI. You can easily start by integrating the g!

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