When less is more in your AV cabinet

What a cabling nightmare!

If the Toronto snow storm wasn’t enough last night, I had the pleasure today of finding the worst wiring mess and complicated multi-room audio system I’ve come across in almost a decade. I definitely won’t mention who the AV integrator was but it’s not the first rescue job I’ve had following in their footsteps.

This client called us because their FM tuner was no longer working and they just wanted to listen to the radio. Simple request…

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Where’s that contractor?

Do your contractors drive you up the wall with excuses for their schedules? How many times have you been to your job site to find no one is there?

It is absolutely part of the norm and maybe it’s because the standard is set so low or maybe it’s the lack of appreciation for everyone’s time. I know personally I only make promises I can keep. That often means saying no. Clients can’t put unreasonable expectations on our shoulders.

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Popcorn-Time is today’s Napster FREE movies are coming

You thought Netflix was great because you could easily pull up movies and hit “play”. That’s the beauty of the streaming world. The kids can pick and choose and you don’t have to buy your movies or TV shows. You can just subscribe. Some months you don’t watch anything and others you go on a rampage watching all episodes of your favourite shows.

But what about the current block busters? You still have to go to the nearest theatre or have your cousin’s boyfriend come over with a USB drive of movies he downloaded illegally over the weekend using Torrents.

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Setup for Christmas morning

This happens every year and although we are working overtime to get all our customers’ systems ready for their holidays, it is fun to hear the excitement from the work we do. The kids are excited and having systems that work and are easy to use is a stress our customers don’t have to worry about.

I thought I’d share today’s “small thing” that hopefully makes our clients Cam & Shevaun the parents of the year 🙂

Here’s the email our installer sent through on Friday afternoon…

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Not all of our work at Cloud 9 is playing with gadgets

We get so many people envious of our work. They think we get to play with toys all day and install amazing gadgets. For the most part, they are right. I wouldn’t trade my job for any other. We are lucky to do what we do and at this time of year, it gets pretty rewarding to help families install systems they can all enjoy together over the holidays.

This time of year also involves some of the toughest work we do. The cold weather can be brutal in Canada and luckily we aren’t in Saskatchewan where they have -40 degree days.

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NEST available through Cloud 9 AV

We are proud to be an authorized NEST Thermostat and NEST Protect dealer.

Find our more through the NEST website or send us an email and we can assess if your home or business can leverage NEST.

See the Youtube video here

We are also excited about future integration with our automation systems. NEST is currently working on open integration which will allow us to perform some of the automation functions we currently offer through our home automation platforms.

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After work fun…what do you do?

Cloud 9’s Jeff Gosselin does a little mountain biking.

Ok this is a fun video I did after work. We love having fun and how lucky are we to work in mid town Toronto where we have some of the best mountain bike trails in Canada…yes Canada. I’ve done trails in Quebec, Vancouver, Vail and other big mountain areas. Toronto’s Don Valley “Crothers Woods” has to rank amongst the best trails for single track fun. I bike there from home or the office.

When you aren’t watching TV or listening to Music installed by Cloud 9 what are you doing?

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