Projection System

Screen Innovations – ZERO Edge screens

I still get questions as to whether projection systems have met their match with today’s large screen LED and Ultra HD TVs on the market. In many homes, it just makes sense to install a 65″ or 80″ TV. Its large and hangs on the wall quickly. No cabling or power to a projector.

Why do a screen?

So why bother discussing a projection screen? Until you see the new products on the market today from our leading manufacturers, you won’t believe these are projection.

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115″ Projection Screen in a bright room

When we deal with clients looking for a big screen, their assumption is usually an 80 or 90″ Sharp Aquos. We don’t often get to discuss the ability to use a projection system in a living or family room but the reality is we can. Take a look at this video from SI and you will be blown away at the capability of their new Black Diamond screens.

You can now have a very bright room with your ultra large projection screen.

Black Diamond Zero Edge Projection Screen from Screen Innovations on Vimeo.

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