Raccoon Alley Cam – Google’s Nest Outdoor Camera

Google’s NEST Outdoor Camera

This is my test of our Google’s Nest Outdoor Camera and I’ve decided to place it in the side alley where my garbage cans and the delicious green bin reside. As anyone who lives in Toronto knows, the green bins are irresistible containers to our lovely raccoon community. Keep on eye out for the evening and nighttime activities. I’ve set up the camera to be shareable online which is a great feature if you are looking at marketing your camera views (e.g.,

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Why paying LESS for cabling will leave you with a MESS.

Does it make sense to pay an AV specialist to rough-in your home when the walls are open for network, TV and audio? It depends who you ask and what you expect. Here are some of the responses I come across from potential clients…

1. My electrician can do it…

Depending on the quality of your builder you will get different attitudes towards using electricians for more than electrical work. The best builders in the business always use specialty trades. They use the best hardwood floor installers,

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CCTV Video Cameras do work

Do you wonder if investing $3k to $8k on video cameras for your home is worth it? It depends on if you or someone you know has had a break-in. One of our clients asked us to install cameras after their renovation because of an increase in theft in the neighbourhood. Six months after, they caught a thief breaking into their car in their driveway and 2 days later the police caught him doing it again with the help of the video footage.

Check out this video from that evening.

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