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These articles relate to the systems for work or businesses. Many systems are also in the residential category.

In-cabinet Rack System

This rack from Strong Racks is designed for easier installations and maintenance of your expensive network, audio, video and other smart home technology. We often get asked to conceal equipment in tight spaces and having the right solutions to manage wiring and keep equipment well organized is critical.

These rack systems do add to your budget but we would highly recommend them if you want a clean, long lasting solution.

Design and pricing need to be coordinated with your cabinet or millwork contractors.

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Commercial Display in Niche

This system installation illustrates the video wall mounts we typically use for commercial TV or in this case a touch screen within a niche with equipment neatly organized behind the display for concealment.

Shallow Niche Creates Challenges

In many installations we have to locate the equipment behind the displays. This has many challenges including service and future access. A much better design is to locate the equipment in a server room or AV rack. Initial costs are higher but the ongoing service and maintenance is lower.

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TSA year end bash 2014

Cloud 9 AV was selected to provide the audio visual systems for this year’s toronto society of architects year end bash #tsabash2014.

We setup a Laser SONY Projector and projection screen, an extra 65″ Samsung Display showing the annual photos of the architects projects and had SONOS playing throughout the venue at Fort York.

#sonos, #sony , #samsung and #screeninnovations helped supply our solutions for the venue at the new fort york visitor centre.

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Screen Innovations – ZERO Edge screens

I still get questions as to whether projection systems have met their match with today’s large screen LED and Ultra HD TVs on the market. In many homes, it just makes sense to install a 65″ or 80″ TV. Its large and hangs on the wall quickly. No cabling or power to a projector.

Why do a screen?

So why bother discussing a projection screen? Until you see the new products on the market today from our leading manufacturers, you won’t believe these are projection.

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Apple Airplay…mirror your screen on your TV

Apple recently released OS X Mavericks and most MAC users can update for Free. Find out more from apple by clicking the link at the bottom.

This update is not that big of a deal but my favourite feature has to be screen sharing or as Apple calls it…mirroring.

What is Mirroring?

If you don’t have an Apple TV ($109 CAD) and you use a MAC at home, you are missing one of the best features available to you.

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Interactive Touch Screen Display by Cloud 9 AV and Designstor

Take a look at the latest designstor sales centre interactive presentation.

Now fully operational at Great Gulf’s “Yonge & Rich” condominium development. It’s a one-stop “infokiosktable” that supplies interested home-buyers with everything they might want to know about life at 25 Richmond.

Put together in cooperation with Community, Burdi Filek, 1188, Cloud 9 AV, and Peter McCann Architectural Models, this 14 screen(!), through-glass touch presentation allows users to browse neighbourhood hot spots and learn about the development from two control stations,

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CCTV Video Cameras do work

Do you wonder if investing $3k to $8k on video cameras for your home is worth it? It depends on if you or someone you know has had a break-in. One of our clients asked us to install cameras after their renovation because of an increase in theft in the neighbourhood. Six months after, they caught a thief breaking into their car in their driveway and 2 days later the police caught him doing it again with the help of the video footage.

Check out this video from that evening.

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