CCTV Video Cameras do work

Do you wonder if investing $3k to $8k on video cameras for your home is worth it? It depends on if you or someone you know has had a break-in. One of our clients asked us to install cameras after their renovation because of an increase in theft in the neighbourhood. Six months after, they caught a thief breaking into their car in their driveway and 2 days later the police caught him doing it again with the help of the video footage.

Check out this video from that evening.

When we meet with clients during construction and renovations we always ask about installing video cameras because, as most people know, running 4 video camera cables costs very little when you can do it at the same time as the network and AV cabling.

Most people however are reluctant to admit something might need to be caught on camera or at least show potential intruders that you are watching them. There are a whole host of reasons our clients install cameras but we are only here to advise. Our business is not made or broken on camera systems but they are becoming less expensive so more people are choosing to install them during renovations.

What we have also found is that there is a significant increase in retrofit surveillance systems as home owners hear about local break-ins or experience one themselves. Our advice is to at least consider installing a low cost system so that you have some peace of mind. Most thieves will target another area if they know you have cameras or an alarm system.

Have you also considered video cameras for safety around a pool, seeing who is at your front door or keeping an eye on delivery trucks? There are reasons other than security for surveillance cameras. For more information, please contact us and we can help you decide if surveillance cameras are right for you.

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