Curved TV… FAD or must-have feature? 

TV manufacturers have decided that curves are better than flat. Remember when 3D was all the rage? Well this year we have curved TVs. In my opinion it’s a fad and let me explain why. 

Most of our installations are wall mounted TVs. (Over 95%). That means we need to be aware of what a TV looks like on the wall. When you walk into the room, can you see the side of the TV? If yes, as in many bedrooms, then a curved TV will stick off the wall a good 4-6″. That’s not a great designer-friendly look. 

The other aspect to consider is how large is the TV. The reason for curving a screen is to make it immersive. Next time you go to the cinema take a look at the screen. Yes it’s curved. But it’s also 300″ or larger. Now that’s what we are trying to replicate in the home. Screens under 70″ should be flat. A 55″ TV that’s curved is only immersive if you sit 4′ away. Not going to be practical so my recommendation is to stick to flat and only consider curved TVs when you are creating your home cinema or installing a screen larger than 70″. 

Here’s what we found at Lionhead golf club in the men’s change room. This is not a cloud 9 installation and we definitely would not recommend a curved screen for this installation when using a 55″ TV. 

We are installing a gorgeous 78″ 9000 series Samsung in a couple weeks. Stay tuned and I will share that finished system. It should be gorgeous. 

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