Interactive Touch Screen Display by Cloud 9 AV and Designstor

Take a look at the latest designstor sales centre interactive presentation.

Now fully operational at Great Gulf’s “Yonge & Rich” condominium development. It’s a one-stop “infokiosktable” that supplies interested home-buyers with everything they might want to know about life at 25 Richmond.

Put together in cooperation with Community, Burdi Filek, 1188, Cloud 9 AV, and Peter McCann Architectural Models, this 14 screen(!), through-glass touch presentation allows users to browse neighbourhood hot spots and learn about the development from two control stations, each of which arranges that information on six of the spanned screens.

Where this installation shines is in browsing floor plans: the suite filter makes it easy to display every plan that conforms to a desired suite type/size, and picking a specific plan from that list displays the suite layout and location within the building. From there, users are able to browse the various suite views available, giving them a three-screen panorama (almost 3 metres of screen space!) of what they’ll see outside their window every morning while enjoying their coffee and reading the paper…or peering through their telescope as the case may be.

All this is executed in tandem with with the LED lighting system built into the scale model at the centre of the array: the floor on which the chosen suite exists lights up, bringing the virtual and physical worlds together, thereby giving the buyer an immediate, concrete idea of where they will be living in the real world.

Cloud 9 AV was responsible for implementation of the systems. We also custom manufactured each display mount since nothing on the market met our needs.

See more photos from our “special projects” installations.

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