The all new Samsung FRAME TV

Your TV is a photo Frame

We recently visited our friends at Samsung Canada and got our hands on the new QLED TVs as well as the FRAMETV.

The FrameTV is using the MU8000 series but the exterior and mounting options are similar to the new Q9 displays which cost 3x more than the Frame TV.

Sizes (Updated for 2018)

When Samsung launched in July 2017, they introduced 2 sizes: 55″ and 65″.

These were perfect for the living room and bedroom displays but as I “wished” for smaller sizes, Samsung listened and quickly came out with the 43″ in November 2017.

For 2018, they are launching 2 new small sizes…the 49″ (which I think is a mistake but that’s a different story) and my new favourite size…the 32″. You don’t know how many kitchen TVs I could have replaced in 2017 alone with the Frame format. I’m looking forward to having these launch in 2018…just unsure as to when.

Mounting and Cable Management

My favourite aspect of the FrameTV is the mounting and cable management. I am always amazed at how horrible cable management is with most TVs but for 2017 Samsung has done an amazing job at improving that. The power and one-connect cable come out of the back of their TVs in the same area…finally. The new one-connect cable is virtually invisible and for some reason Samsung thinks having it exposed is an option. I still want to hide all cabling and plan for installations properly. Their mounting hardware is pretty amazing and can be levelled slightly after installation.

Keeping the TV against the wall is definitely easier and the integrated (and included) mount is fabulous to work with. No niche or special recess needed. We just recommend planning and situating the power or conduits in the right locations.

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