Hiding your FrameTV source equipment

When clients come to us looking to upgrade their TVs, we are sometimes presented with challenges that require some creative solutions. The new FrameTV now looks amazing and our clients are very happy.

This project had a few challenges for the FrameTV:

  1. A small condo space didn’t allow for a media cabinet below the TV
  2. The cabling for the old TV below was messy and ugly and the client wanted us to hide it
  3. The new Samsung TV the client chose is amazing on the wall but there is still the challenge of hiding the one-connect box that connects the sources and power
  4. The wall was typical condo depth so it didn’t allow for our traditional in-wall box behind the TV (which requires a clear 3.5″ depth)

Messy cabling

So with these challenges and the existing TV upgrade challenge, our technicians really came through with a creative solution.

The first photo shows the cabling below the old TV. We didn’t need to worry about a live TV box like Rogers or Bell TV since the client was only interested in using Netflix but she really wanted to use her Apple TV instead of the Samsung app. 

Normally we can hide a small Apple TV behind the TV but with the Frame TV, there isn’t room behind the TV as it sits millimetres from the wall.

So the team including our master electrician created an in-wall cavity where the old cabling was which took care of 2 challenges…hiding the equipment and cleaning up the cables. 

hiding power

Using a standard air-return vent covers up the mess but also allows “access” in case our client needs to reboot the Apple TV or the actual TV.

air return vent

The room is now cleaner and all of the equipment is concealed.


There are always challenges in every project and having very experienced technicians allows Cloud 9 AV to offer solutions many other companies wouldn’t offer as they take time.

It also requires clients that are willing to pay for the time to do things right. This TV installation took us just over a full day with 3 technicians involved and the original assessment visit by our system designer.

55" Frame TV

Contact us with your project challenges and let’s see if we can work together to find solutions.

You can find more of our finished projects in our residential portfolio and our Houzz.com Project Pages.

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