Home Automation using ELAN g! – Hometime TV show 2011

At Cloud 9, we offer many great systems at every price point you can imagine. You definitely get what you pay for but one of the great pleasures we have is doing automation for very little money. There are many little tricks out there that allow us to integrate systems for less than some people expect. One of our favourite platforms is Home Automation using ELAN g!

This platform is extremely affordable when compared to Control4, Crestron and RTI. You can easily start by integrating the g! processor into your main “home cinema” for control and when using the HR2 universal remote, you have the basis for a very powerful whole home automation system.

I came across a great video showcasing the ELAN g! system from 2011. The system has evolved since then and now has a few extra bells and whistles but if you just want to get a good sense of the component parts and see what automation is about, this is worth watching.

The one note I will make is that g! can integrate with non-ELAN components. E.g., we can easily use 3rd party brands and they integrate seamlessly…better than other platforms we work with especially if you measure value as programming time and total cost of ownership.

Let us know your thoughts.

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