The Samsung K950 Atmos Soundbar

We have the new Samsung 500watt 5.1.4 soundbar systems setup in our showroom. This is not an inexpensive solution but it will wow your senses for both music and movies.

Until now I rarely recommended anything other than the sonos or bluesound soundbars as the generic $399-599 soundbars just couldn’t do much other than play a little better or clearer than your TV speakers.

For me the real benefit is combining the tv and music experience. Bluetooth speakers don’t count (if you don’t know why…email me).

This Samsung soundbar really delivers ease of use using the Samsung Multiroom app. You can easily stream Spotify, Tidal or other services. It doesn’t work with Apple Music so if you’re an Apple Music household stick with Sonos as that works flawlessly.

MSRP is $1999 CAD and includes the soundbar, subwoofer and 2 wireless rear speakers. The soundbar comes with a mounting bracket. The rear speakers do not. However, you can add any standard wall brackets as they do come with a pre-drilled hole for mounting.

CNET did an amazing review and goes into all the details so feel free to read more on their site.

From my experience this is a great surround system alternative to your traditional AVR setup when you can’t run wires (although we can ALWAYS run wires…it just depends on how much construction you want to deal with).

The Samsung app can be found in the app stores if you search for “Samsung Multiroom”.

They call it “Wireless Audio: Multiroom”…not a great name but I was very pleasantly surprised by the ease of setup and ease of use. The one gotcha is that you have to access the bottom of the soundbar to press their “add speaker” button.This should be located on the side of the unit or combined with their power/vol controls. Not a big deal but definitely setup before you mount the soundbar.

Once you have the app setup, you can start streaming. The services are very easy to setup. If you already have Spotify setup on your phone there is no additional setup required. Just use the Spotify app and select the K950 soundbar as a speaker. I setup Tidal on our system and the sound is amazing.

I haven’t tried true Dolby Atmos surround yet but we will be looking forward to hearing the 5.1.4 setup in our showroom in the coming weeks…

Overall a great addition to anyone’s family room or rec room.

Contact us to schedule a demo in our showroom.


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