Marilyn Denis Show Segment with C9 AV

De-cluttering your electronics

MX-980 2 Marilyn denisThe actual Marilyn Denis Show segment was removed from the CTV website but I found some old footage and photos showing some of the highlights of our solution. The show segment was titled “De-cluttering your electronics” and was aimed at condo owners who need to save space. A custom cabinet was built and customized to hide a home office area as well as the TV in a sliding panel above a fireplace. We were able to hide all of our components and even use hidden speakers behind the TV panel creating an invisible home theatre.

Controlling the system

MX-980 Marilyn denisWe used the MX-980 universal remote control and Marilyn even commented on the show that she loved her universal remote because she could easily read the screen.

The hidden components are all controlled from the smart RF base station hidden inside the cabinets.

Not shown on the show, we also controlled the lights with Lutron’s RF dimmers which are easy to program into the remote.

Watch the video highlights

The segment was featured by Toronto Interior Designer Lisa Canning. You can find her online at

or for more details on the segment visit …

marilyn dennis show decluttering your electronics 2

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