OvrC: What PRO Integrators use to manage your Smart Home Systems

OvrC Remote Management and Monitoring Platform

If you have any element of smart home technology in your life, you know it sometimes acts up and needs a few tweaks or a good kick in the butt. Nothing is more frustrating than slow Internet or devices going offline. These are often due to your service provider or something going wrong on your network.

Having the right tools at every stage of a project is critical and that’s why Cloud 9 AV started using OvrC enabled products like Araknis & Wattbox over 5 years ago.

Our ongoing support team lives in OvrC. We can diagnose problems in your network and pinpoint what needs to be fixed.

Cloud 9 AV is fast approaching 200 customer deployments of OvrC throughout North America. We have sites throughout Canada and for clients with vacation properties in other countries including the US, we deploy OvrC and can manage and support their environments from anywhere including our sofas on Friday nights when problems typically happen.

OvrC Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Wattbox enables us to remotely reset a device by power cycling that single device. The Bell Fibe and Rogers Ignite modems are notorious for requiring reboots and even through they aren’t on OvrC directly, we can reset them remotely.

The system can also be programmed to automatically reboot an outlet if a device goes offline for a period of time which helps us create a self-healing environment to keep systems running.

Araknis Access Points enable us to provide Whole Home WiFi supported by our technicians.

Wattbox also has a line of UPS units so even with fluctuating or the occasional brownouts, the WiFi can continue to run in your home. This helps reduce wear and tear on electronics and increase the life of valuable equipment with more reliable power management.

WattBox® IP Power Conditioner with OvrC Home | 12 Controlled Outlets

WattBox® UPS Battery Pack for IP Power Conditioners | 2000 VA

Contact us to find out what we can do to help maintain your smart home systems.

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