Popcorn-Time is today’s Napster FREE movies are coming

You thought Netflix was great because you could easily pull up movies and hit “play”. That’s the beauty of the streaming world. The kids can pick and choose and you don’t have to buy your movies or TV shows. You can just subscribe. Some months you don’t watch anything and others you go on a rampage watching all episodes of your favourite shows.

But what about the current block busters? You still have to go to the nearest theatre or have your cousin’s boyfriend come over with a USB drive of movies he downloaded illegally over the weekend using Torrents. Fine but very illegal and time consuming.

Remember Napster? The easy to use music file sharing program that everyone used over a decade ago. It actually operated as the “Napster” we know from ’99 to ’01 but was resurrected into a legit music service you subscribed to until it was acquired by Rahpsody in 2011. It was even available as a source of music on our popular SONOS music systems.

Anyway…the point is ease of use…Napster made music easy to consume. Like iTunes, the general public could now consume music without having to buy the discs, or LPs, or tapes 🙂

Hollywood is losing control.

Now for movies, we have iTunes where you purchase a $5.99 HD movie that was traditionally available on DVD or BluRay. You still can’t get the current titles because Hollywood controls the distribution along with Apple. (I won’t mention the others but there are many content storefronts out there but iTunes is the market leader). Next we have Netflix which allows you to subscribe to the slightly less popular movies and TV shows for a monthly fee. Again, Hollywood controls the distribution.

Popcorn-Time is one of many

2014 may become known as the year of free movie streaming. If you haven’t heard of Popcorn-Time just do a quick search and you will find it everywhere. They are doing what Napster did but there isn’t anyone to charge or put in jail. I don’t pretend to understand this aspect of the legal system but the current fights are not going in Hollywood’s favour.

Try it yourself and see what this is all about. Some days it is up and running and others it will be down. You can watch any current block buster film in HD. I was skeptical but I’ve tried it a few times and it actually works.

You first have to download a small piece of software on your computer. You can find it at GitHub.

Start the app and it looks very similar to iTunes and Netflix…just browse and select what you want to watch.


You should be able to watch a movie under 60 seconds.

This is going to continue to evolve and will change the way we consume movies.

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