Setup for Christmas morning

happy-holidaysThis happens every year and although we are working overtime to get all our customers’ systems ready for their holidays, it is fun to hear the excitement from the work we do. The kids are excited and having systems that work and are easy to use is a stress our customers don’t have to worry about.

I thought I’d share today’s “small thing” that hopefully makes our clients Cam & Shevaun the parents of the year 🙂

Here’s the email our installer sent through on Friday afternoon…

Hi Cam.  I have installed everything to get the Wii U up and running.  You will find a power cord, HDMI cable, and ethernet cable in the cabinet just right of the receiver.  The only wire you’ll have to run is for the Wii sensor bar, which I recommend you run through the vent slots in the cabinet top.  You should slide the sensor bar forward near the edge of the cabinet top when using it.  We may be able to mount it permanently, stuck to the bottom of the television, but the cabinet might obstruct legs/feet movement, which may negatively impact functionality of the sensor.  I can pop by after the holidays and discuss.

The remote has been programmed to include the Wii U as a source, and do all the appropriate switching. It should be plug’n’play on Xmas morning. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions when hooking it up.  The Wii U isn’t controllable via IR, so you’ll have to use the Wii controller, but the remote will still control volume/muting.

Have a great Xmas!


Great job Mark. Happy Holidays everyone!


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