SKYPE for TV being discontinued

skype tvSamsung has confirmed that all integrated TV skype cameras are no longer being supported after June 2016. This is the quote we received from Samsung directly:

“As the technology landscape has evolved, consumers have shown a growing preference for using video messaging on their mobile devices, with smartphones and tablets becoming the most natural way to reach friends and family on the couch or on the go. With this in mind, Skype has decided to shift its investment exclusively to mobile and will discontinue support and development for all Skype™ for TV services from June 2016. To ensure Samsung continues to offer the best experience for our consumers, the Skype™ for TV service will no longer be available on Samsung Smart TVs from June 2, 2016. Customers, however, will still be able to access their Skype accounts by using a smart phone, tablet or PC – allowing them to connect with friends, family and colleagues across the globe.”

For any of our customers who have been using Skype on their TVs, please contact us as there are several other ways to continue to enjoy face to face video conferencing with your friends, families and colleagues whether from home or your businesses.

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