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Whether you are building a new home and designing your smart home systems from the ground up or you have moved into a finished home and need some help installing new systems, we have customized solutions to meet your needs and budgets.

Not sure where to start?

We will guide you through the process and work with your designer or architect to fit technology into your lifestyle. Take a look around our residential solutions for ideas and don’t forget to check out our social media feeds for creative ideas.

Start by filling out our survey which will help us understand the areas you wish to incorporate into your home and some idea of how you and your family live your lives. We also have a budgeting tool that is maintained by the Home Technology Association (HTA). Scroll down and click on the “Budget” link.

Start your project: Smart Home Survey

Please follow the link above to start our Smart Home Survey. You will get a detailed requirements list by systems area typically found in our smart homes. The survey covers all of the smart home technologies and some may not apply to your project…and that’s ok. This is part education for you and information gathering for us so we can start our discovery together.

Don’t worry about how simple or elaborate your wish list is. We can help you be “smart” about your biggest investment…your home.

The Control4 Home…it’s the small things that matter

SAVANT Highlights: Mississauga Project (2023)

This project features beautiful finishes from Lutron for whole home control of lighting and shades plus the advanced video distribution from SAVANT allowing our clients to watch multiple sources on a single screen anywhere in the home. … READ MORE

Don’t just take our word for it…

One of the biggest risks you take in selecting a home technology integrator is being able to rely on them. Not everyone in our industry operates under the same standards and that’s why Cloud 9 AV decided to apply to the Home Technology Association. We want to held accountable and we want to provide you with an amazing experience.

In addition to recognizing home technology integration firms that perform at the highest level, the HTA seeks to simplify technology purchases for consumers, taking much of the fear and confusion out of purchasing home technology systems.

The HTA provides a first-of-its kind home technology budget calculator, as well as an informative collection of articles designed to educate and inspire consumers on topics such as home theatres, media rooms, and smart home systems. Visit to learn more about the HTA and get in touch with us to find out how to get the home technology system of your dreams.

What’s different about HTA Certified companies?

  • Seasoned professionals with proven technical expertise
  • World-class ongoing service before and after installation
  • Endorsements from manufacturers, local industry peers, and design/build professionals
  • Comprehensive background checks for all employees
  • Proven, stellar business performance throughout Ontario
  • Ability to deliver high-performance enterprise-grade computer networks
  • An exceptional reputation you can trust
Residential Budget Calculator for new construction projects

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