On-Going Support for Customers

With Cloud 9 AV, the relationship goes beyond installing and programming your systems. We stay with you and continue to work with you after you have moved in so you can get the most out of your investment.

There is a lot to learn when you move into your home and your family will experiment and adopt the systems throughout the first few weeks if not months. There will be opportunities for us to further modify the user experience to tailor it to your habits and lifestyle. For these and many more reasons, we have found over the years that the first year of living in your home is an opportunity for us to help you fine tune the systems as well as the infrastructure that supports it.

We leverage industry leading diagnostic and troubleshooting tools which allow our service technicians to remotely support you.

CLOUD 9 AV offers our clients multiple levels of MEMBERSHIPS. If you aren’t on a membership plan, please contact us to find out more or signup.

From Complimentary Support to Premium Support, we will find the level of service that matches what you and your family needs.

To open a new ticket, the easiest way is to email us using our online form from the Contact Page

Simply select “technical help” in the drop down.

Once we we have a ticket created, we will do our best to help fix the issue.


These support packages are ONLY available for residential customers.

For Business Support Services, please contact us for customized packages tailored to meet your needs.