Whole Home Music

Cloud 9 AV provides Whole Home Audio System design and installation services in Toronto & Cottage Country. 

What is “Whole Home Music”? 

In the simplest terms, it is the ability to play music throughout your home with ease. If you live in a 1 bedroom condo, you may only have 1 or 2 zones of music. If you have a larger property, you could have 6-12 audio zones including exterior zones which don’t require you to carry a portable bluetooth speaker outside to listen to music by the lake or pool. Finally, the music experience should also be able to leverage your TV sound system. A greatroom is an amazing space to invest in surround sound for your family to watch movies or your favourite Netflix series. 

What speakers? What system do I choose? What music service is right for me? We can help you evaluate all the options including demonstrating the many options on the market. We have the following systems live in our Toronto showroom:

  • SONOS – portable speakers
  • SONOS – 5.1 Surround Sound with architectural speakers
  • Control4 integrated with SONOS
  • Control4 integrated with premium speakers
  • SAVANT whole home audio
  • Soundbars from Sonos or SAVANT
  • BlueSound (BluOS) – portable speakers
  • BlueSound (BluOS) – integrated into a theatre
  • BlueSound Music Vault – for your high quality networked music storage needs
  • Many more options including invisible speakers which will amaze anyone trying to find where that sound is coming from
Integrate your sound system with your TV
The Control4 NEEO remote allows you to play music or watch TV seamlessly.

Let us design your whole home audio system. Music will bring joy to your home and your family.