Networks & WiFi

Many homeowners are accustomed to using networking hardware provided by their Internet service provider or consumer brands found at a local retailer.

These consumer-grade commodity products are built for a one-size-fits-all approach and compromise the speed, performance, and reliability of a network. Consumer-grade networks, built as low-cost solutions, are not designed to meet the demands of modern connected homes.

More robust networks are designed from specialized components—routers, switches, and wireless access points—that are built to support smart home, audio and video traffic. Your smart home needs a network that is scalable, adaptable, intuitive, and ready to perform.

A strong network foundation will ensure that all of your automated conveniences, audio and video luxuries, and security systems are reliable and functioning optimally. With a network designed for smart homes, you can alleviate strain caused by video buffering, missed beats, application freezing, and slow response times. With a Cloud 9 AV network, the comfort and performance of your modern home is optimized.