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SONOS has really dominated the multi-room music scene in the past 24 months. Although there are many reasons to use a more traditional platform with multi-channel amps in an AV rack in the basement controlled from your whole home controller (aka the iPad or iPhone) we find that our clients just love SONOS. What’s the secret…?

It really has to do with the content. What would you think of your TV if there just wasn’t anything to play on it or if you could no longer access Netflix. Well that’s what many home owners used to think of their whole home audio systems. They relied on their iPOD music library or, excuse my language, their library of CDs.

What do we do today? We are no longer limited to our tastes in music and our iTunes libraries. We can search the 30 million songs available from services such as RDIO, Google Play, Spotify or Deezer. These are all subscription services that cost on average less than $10/month. Think about it. How much money have you spent on CDs or iTunes downloads. The small monthly subscription gives you virtually unlimited music.

For me, the discovery of new artists is the magic. I hear a friend mention an artist or I hear on the radio and I can instantly pull it up on my SONOS system. Now I can match that to other artists and really explore music I never knew existed.

This is what SONOS has done for whole home audio or multi-room audio.

I can subscribe to the music services or even use free ones like Songza (which is owned by Google) or 8Tracks but these limit you to predetermined playlists. They are great free services but nothing matches the instant access to the millions of songs from the big players.

You can try most of the services on your computers but that just doesn’t sound the same. Sign up for an account and really crank up your SONOS systems. You will love the platform even more.

Recently SONOS and Deezer announced a new partnership and promotion offering 12 months free service. Check it out at

Enjoy your music and play it loud!!!!
deezer 12 month offer

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