Control4 “When >> Then” Personalized Automation


Watch the video to find out how home automation can be implemented to fit your lifestyle. The “When >> Then” methods are similar to IFTTT … “if this then that”.

Here are some automation suggestions based on the type of equipment that might be
installed in your home, with each proposed system getting more elaborate.

Basic Control4 system (system controller and remote)

WHEN a custom button on the system remote is pressed >>

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Lutron motorized shades vs no-name shades

Here is a quick demo of Cloud 9’s two motorized shade options.

For the Budget Conscious:

Our Proshade system is inexpensive but noisier and less reliable than our premium Lutron shades. Each window operates independently and may not provide unified operation as illustrated in our video below. This solution is intended for lower budget projects.

For UltraQuiet & Premium Installations:

The Lutron shades offer a higher level of finish and an ultra quiet motor. When lined up along a wall of windows,

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