smart home

In-cabinet Rack System

This rack from Strong Racks is designed for easier installations and maintenance of your expensive network, audio, video and other smart home technology. We often get asked to conceal equipment in tight spaces and having the right solutions to manage wiring and keep equipment well organized is critical.

These rack systems do add to your budget but we would highly recommend them if you want a clean, long lasting solution.

Design and pricing need to be coordinated with your cabinet or millwork contractors.

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Lutron smart home lighting and shades

Lutron Lighting & Shades

Lutron’s smart home lighting and shading solutions stand out above everyone else for their beauty as well as their ultra reliable performance.

Homes and businesses throughout the world have depended on Lutron’s solutions now found in HomeWorks QS, RadioRA2 Wireless and Caseta since the original dimmer was invented by Mr. Joel Spira in 1959, who later founded Lutron Electronics Company in 1961.

This Lutron video highlights the systems we love to design and install. Come to Cloud 9 AV’s Toronto showroom or visit one of the Lutron experience centres to learn why the best architects and designers specify Lutron on their projects.

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remote monitoring and management

OvrC: What PRO Integrators use to manage your Smart Home Systems

If you have any element of smart home technology in your life, you know it sometimes acts up and needs a few tweaks or a good kick in the butt. Nothing is more frustrating than slow Internet or devices going offline. These are often due to your service provider or something going wrong on your network.

Having the right tools at every stage of a project is critical and that’s why Cloud 9 AV started using OvrC enabled products like Araknis & Wattbox over 5 years ago.

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Control4 Smart Lighting – Mont Tremblant Videos

We recorded a little video to demonstrate the capabilities of the Control4 smart lighting system. This system is based in Mont Tremblant Quebec and was a great deployment by our team with the help of local contractors and the guys at ResAV in Montreal.

The last finishing touches are still to come including custom engraving of the keypads but we will be doing that with the clients when they visit in late September.

Visit our youtube channel for more project videos

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