Control4 “When >> Then” Personalized Automation


Watch the video to find out how home automation can be implemented to fit your lifestyle. The “When >> Then” methods are similar to IFTTT … “if this then that”.

Here are some automation suggestions based on the type of equipment that might be
installed in your home, with each proposed system getting more elaborate.

Basic Control4 system (system controller and remote)

WHEN a custom button on the system remote is pressed >>

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Hiring a Home Technology Professional in Ontario

Governing Body

CEDIA is the governing body for the home technology professionals. You can find out more details based on where you live on their website.

Hiring a Home Technology Professional Licensing in Ontario, Canada

Why should I care?

Anyone building or renovating needs to know their contractors and subcontractors are properly licensed and insured to do the work.

The challenge with home technology professionals is that we DO NOT require special certifications or licenses to do work.

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