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Macbook Sidecar with iPad

Working from home on your Macbook and have an iPAD handy? Sidecar with iPAD is brilliant!

Like most people in Toronto, this is week 3 working from home. My home office isn’t amazing by any means. My work-from-home chair is NOT not my office chair and was designed for the dining room. I just don’t have room in my home office (aka my bedroom) for the luxury my butt and legs crave but maybe that’s better. I have to stand and walk around more often. One of the luxuries of the office is using 2 screens so you can multitask.

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CEDIA Training

Training for Architects & Designers with CEU Credits

In light of most of us working from home, our team will be delivering virtual training starting the week of March 30th and all of our architects and designers can earn valuable CEU credits. Even if you are not from Canada, we would love for you to join the training but registration for our local Toronto & Cottage Country firms will take priority.

The training is from CEDIA, our industry association and accredited for CEUs in Canada & US with the following associations:

  • AIA
  • AIBD
  • NARI

Please view the open Twitter Poll to vote on your preferred training

Click here to view the full list of topics,

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Control4 Smart Lighting – Mont Tremblant Videos

We recorded a little video to demonstrate the capabilities of the Control4 smart lighting system. This system is based in Mont Tremblant Quebec and was a great deployment by our team with the help of local contractors and the guys at ResAV in Montreal.

The last finishing touches are still to come including custom engraving of the keypads but we will be doing that with the clients when they visit in late September.

Visit our youtube channel for more project videos

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Rack or No Rack for your Smart Home?

As integrators and smart home systems installers we are responsible for educating and advising our clients. Some of our competitors can do things for less and it is sometimes difficult for clients to understand why. It really does come down to attention to detail and why every contractor out there is going to do things differently. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a tiling, HVAC or AV company…each trade does things a certain way based on experience, craftsmanship or requirements. As a customer, you need to ask the right questions so there are no surprises and expectations are clear.

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Commercial Display in Niche

This system installation illustrates the video wall mounts we typically use for commercial TV or in this case a touch screen within a niche with equipment neatly organized behind the display for concealment.

Shallow Niche Creates Challenges

In many installations we have to locate the equipment behind the displays. This has many challenges including service and future access. A much better design is to locate the equipment in a server room or AV rack. Initial costs are higher but the ongoing service and maintenance is lower.

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Whole Home WiFi from Araknis

We have been testing and using several access point solutions over the years and many work but several just fail and that just doesn’t work in our business. For basic email and web surfing the occasional lock up or connection issue you will find in mesh networks or your ISP’s All-in-one Modem/Router/Wifi access point is manageable but with our streaming solutions, the network has to be amazing.

Take a look at this review by SnapAV of the 500 and 700 series access points.

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Control4 “When >> Then” Personalized Automation


Watch the video to find out how home automation can be implemented to fit your lifestyle. The “When >> Then” methods are similar to IFTTT … “if this then that”.

Here are some automation suggestions based on the type of equipment that might be
installed in your home, with each proposed system getting more elaborate.

Basic Control4 system (system controller and remote)

WHEN a custom button on the system remote is pressed >>

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55″ Frame TV well designed into this renovation

A small project doesn’t mean there is no planning or you should just wing it. When our client Doug came to me, we discussed that he just wanted help installing a TV above the fireplace but his challenge was in figuring out how to plan for the equipment being installed inside a small built-in a few feet away. Obviously he didn’t want to see any wiring from the TV and also wanted to be future proof.

Looking through his floor plan

We determined the size and space he would need for his equipment.

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How much money should I spend on in-ceiling speakers?

We get asked by clients and designers “how much should I spend on in-ceiling speakers” all the time. It is a difficult question to answer early on in a new relationship because we are just getting to know you and your family. What’s important is that we help you spend your money wisely. You don’t want to waste money but you also don’t want to be disappointed with the end result and wished you had upgraded.

What we are talking about here is integrating music into your home renovation or new construction.

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