Tech Talk

Curved TV… FAD or must-have feature? 

TV manufacturers have decided that curves are better than flat. Remember when 3D was all the rage? Well this year we have curved TVs. In my opinion it’s a fad and let me explain why. 

Most of our installations are wall mounted TVs. (Over 95%). That means we need to be aware of what a TV looks like on the wall. When you walk into the room, can you see the side of the TV? If yes, as in many bedrooms, then a curved TV will stick off the wall a good 4-6″.

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Lutron motorized shades vs no-name shades

Here is a quick demo of Cloud 9’s two motorized shade options.

For the Budget Conscious:

Our Proshade system is inexpensive but noisier and less reliable than our premium Lutron shades. Each window operates independently and may not provide unified operation as illustrated in our video below. This solution is intended for lower budget projects.

For UltraQuiet & Premium Installations:

The Lutron shades offer a higher level of finish and an ultra quiet motor. When lined up along a wall of windows,

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Rough-in wiring started today in riverdale. 

This modern home is getting the cloud 9 attention to detail. We are cabling the house today with our full crew and will be done so the contractors can insulate and drywall within the week. 

Speed and efficiency is key in what we do. Our experienced team knows how to work in ultra modern homes where bulk heads are non existent. 

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FREE SONOS Onsite Support over the holidays

Thank you to all of our customers, designers, architects and builders who worked with us this past year. It has been another busy year for residential and commercial projects.

We know how important your music systems are over the holidays so for the next 3 weeks (until Jan 2nd) we are offering FREE labour for onsite support for all SONOS music systems we have installed.

Please call, email or submit the online support request under our contact page and we will do our best to fit you in so your homes or businesses can continue to rock.

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When less is more in your AV cabinet

What a cabling nightmare!

If the Toronto snow storm wasn’t enough last night, I had the pleasure today of finding the worst wiring mess and complicated multi-room audio system I’ve come across in almost a decade. I definitely won’t mention who the AV integrator was but it’s not the first rescue job I’ve had following in their footsteps.

This client called us because their FM tuner was no longer working and they just wanted to listen to the radio. Simple request…

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SONOS and subscription services

SONOS has really dominated the multi-room music scene in the past 24 months. Although there are many reasons to use a more traditional platform with multi-channel amps in an AV rack in the basement controlled from your whole home controller (aka the iPad or iPhone) we find that our clients just love SONOS. What’s the secret…?

It really has to do with the content. What would you think of your TV if there just wasn’t anything to play on it or if you could no longer access Netflix.

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Where’s that contractor?

Do your contractors drive you up the wall with excuses for their schedules? How many times have you been to your job site to find no one is there?

It is absolutely part of the norm and maybe it’s because the standard is set so low or maybe it’s the lack of appreciation for everyone’s time. I know personally I only make promises I can keep. That often means saying no. Clients can’t put unreasonable expectations on our shoulders.

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