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Control4 Smart Lighting


Brighten or dim any light in the room—or the entire house—with a single touch. Or allow lighting to respond to your life, without any touch at all. Smart lighting provides convenience, energy efficiency, and added security. And it’s smart enough to handle more than just the lights. A simple tap can lock the doors, ramp up the temperature, and start a movie—all at once. It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant.

Control4 Smart Lighting

Contact Us for all the details on adding smart lighting to your home or project.

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Hiding your FrameTV source equipment

When clients come to us looking to upgrade their TVs, we are sometimes presented with challenges that require some creative solutions. The new FrameTV now looks amazing and our clients are very happy.

This project had a few challenges for the FrameTV:

  1. A small condo space didn’t allow for a media cabinet below the TV
  2. The cabling for the old TV below was messy and ugly and the client wanted us to hide it
  3. The new Samsung TV the client chose is amazing on the wall but there is still the challenge of hiding the one-connect box that connects the sources and power
  4. The wall was typical condo depth so it didn’t allow for our traditional in-wall box behind the TV (which requires a clear 3.5″

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Basement Media Room for the Kids

Basement Transformation in Toronto’s Wychwood / Cedarvale Area.

We worked closely with the home owner, Lori, and her designer, Sunny Gervan, to create a retreat area for the whole family in this Wychwood / Cedarvale area residence. The basement was primary used for storage and hockey equipment prior to this renovation and they really needed the extra space as the kids are getting older.

At the beginning we aimed to have a large 120″ projection screen come down from the ceiling parallel to the window at the front (opposite the stairs) but the space,

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The Samsung K950 Atmos Soundbar

We have the new Samsung 500watt 5.1.4 soundbar systems setup in our showroom. This is not an inexpensive solution but it will wow your senses for both music and movies.

Until now I rarely recommended anything other than the sonos or bluesound soundbars as the generic $399-599 soundbars just couldn’t do much other than play a little better or clearer than your TV speakers.

For me the real benefit is combining the tv and music experience. Bluetooth speakers don’t count (if you don’t know why…email me).

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Raccoon Alley Cam – Google’s Nest Outdoor Camera

Google’s NEST Outdoor Camera

This is my test of our Google’s Nest Outdoor Camera and I’ve decided to place it in the side alley where my garbage cans and the delicious green bin reside. As anyone who lives in Toronto knows, the green bins are irresistible containers to our lovely raccoon community. Keep on eye out for the evening and nighttime activities. I’ve set up the camera to be shareable online which is a great feature if you are looking at marketing your camera views (e.g.,

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The all new Samsung FRAME TV

Your TV is a photo Frame

We recently visited our friends at Samsung Canada and got our hands on the new QLED TVs as well as the FRAMETV.

The FrameTV is using the MU8000 series but the exterior and mounting options are similar to the new Q9 displays which cost 3x more than the Frame TV.

Sizes (Updated for 2018)

When Samsung launched in July 2017, they introduced 2 sizes: 55″ and 65″.

These were perfect for the living room and bedroom displays but as I “wished”

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What questions should designers and contractors ask their clients?

Are you a designer or contractor that does remodelling or new construction projects?

Whether you are doing a single room project (kitchen reno), a full renovation or new build, what questions should designers and contractors ask their clients to better understand their technology needs?

Much like understanding how your clients like to cook, you need to understand how they want to live when it comes to technology. You don’t need to have the technical answers but consider the following situations…

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Hiring a Home Technology Professional in Ontario

Governing Body

CEDIA is the governing body for the home technology professionals. You can find out more details based on where you live on their website.

Hiring a Home Technology Professional Licensing in Ontario, Canada

Why should I care?

Anyone building or renovating needs to know their contractors and subcontractors are properly licensed and insured to do the work.

The challenge with home technology professionals is that we DO NOT require special certifications or licenses to do work.

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SKYPE for TV being discontinued

Samsung has confirmed that all integrated TV skype cameras are no longer being supported after June 2016. This is the quote we received from Samsung directly:

“As the technology landscape has evolved, consumers have shown a growing preference for using video messaging on their mobile devices, with smartphones and tablets becoming the most natural way to reach friends and family on the couch or on the go. With this in mind, Skype has decided to shift its investment exclusively to mobile and will discontinue support and development for all Skype™ for TV services from June 2016.

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