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Setup for Christmas morning

This happens every year and although we are working overtime to get all our customers’ systems ready for their holidays, it is fun to hear the excitement from the work we do. The kids are excited and having systems that work and are easy to use is a stress our customers don’t have to worry about.

I thought I’d share today’s “small thing” that hopefully makes our clients Cam & Shevaun the parents of the year 🙂

Here’s the email our installer sent through on Friday afternoon…

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Marilyn Denis Show Segment with C9 AV

De-cluttering your electronics

The actual Marilyn Denis Show segment was removed from the CTV website but I found some old footage and photos showing some of the highlights of our solution. The show segment was titled “De-cluttering your electronics” and was aimed at condo owners who need to save space. A custom cabinet was built and customized to hide a home office area as well as the TV in a sliding panel above a fireplace. We were able to hide all of our components and even use hidden speakers behind the TV panel creating an invisible home theatre.

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Not all of our work at Cloud 9 is playing with gadgets

We get so many people envious of our work. They think we get to play with toys all day and install amazing gadgets. For the most part, they are right. I wouldn’t trade my job for any other. We are lucky to do what we do and at this time of year, it gets pretty rewarding to help families install systems they can all enjoy together over the holidays.

This time of year also involves some of the toughest work we do. The cold weather can be brutal in Canada and luckily we aren’t in Saskatchewan where they have -40 degree days.

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NEST available through Cloud 9 AV

We are proud to be an authorized NEST Thermostat and NEST Protect dealer.

Find our more through the NEST website or send us an email and we can assess if your home or business can leverage NEST.

See the Youtube video here

We are also excited about future integration with our automation systems. NEST is currently working on open integration which will allow us to perform some of the automation functions we currently offer through our home automation platforms.

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A Sports Fan’s Dream Room

Client request:

“I want the biggest TV that will fit in the elevator and 3 smaller TVs above for my US sports.”

End Result:


Finished solution

A massive 4 TV combination that is surprisingly easy to use. It took our client 30 seconds to understand the logic of the remote control thanks to the great work of our technicians. See below under “Controlling it all” for details on the wizardry.

Concept rendering for the built ins

From Start to Finish:

With the work we get to do,

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115″ Projection Screen in a bright room

When we deal with clients looking for a big screen, their assumption is usually an 80 or 90″ Sharp Aquos. We don’t often get to discuss the ability to use a projection system in a living or family room but the reality is we can. Take a look at this video from SI and you will be blown away at the capability of their new Black Diamond screens.

You can now have a very bright room with your ultra large projection screen.

Black Diamond Zero Edge Projection Screen from Screen Innovations on Vimeo.

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Apple Airplay…mirror your screen on your TV

Apple recently released OS X Mavericks and most MAC users can update for Free. Find out more from apple by clicking the link at the bottom.

This update is not that big of a deal but my favourite feature has to be screen sharing or as Apple calls it…mirroring.

What is Mirroring?

If you don’t have an Apple TV ($109 CAD) and you use a MAC at home, you are missing one of the best features available to you.

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Interactive Touch Screen Display by Cloud 9 AV and Designstor

Take a look at the latest designstor sales centre interactive presentation.

Now fully operational at Great Gulf’s “Yonge & Rich” condominium development. It’s a one-stop “infokiosktable” that supplies interested home-buyers with everything they might want to know about life at 25 Richmond.

Put together in cooperation with Community, Burdi Filek, 1188, Cloud 9 AV, and Peter McCann Architectural Models, this 14 screen(!), through-glass touch presentation allows users to browse neighbourhood hot spots and learn about the development from two control stations,

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SONOS Play 1: New all-in-one speaker

SONOS has launched their next innovative speaker. The tiny but mighty little SONOS Play 1. I’m not going to tell you all the specs of the actual speaker. What our customers care about is how does it integrate into their homes? Here’s my take on the value and use of the Play 1…

  1. It is now the least expensive all-in-one speaker in their lineup. At only $219 CAD this is now an easy add on in small rooms.
  2. Unfortunately it still requires power so there is no really cutting the cord.

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