Commercial Display in Niche

This system installation illustrates the video wall mounts we typically use for commercial TV or in this case a touch screen within a niche with equipment neatly organized behind the display for concealment.

Shallow Niche Creates Challenges

In many installations we have to locate the equipment behind the displays. This has many challenges including service and future access. A much better design is to locate the equipment in a server room or AV rack. Initial costs are higher but the ongoing service and maintenance is lower.

In our installation we had to fit a mini PC as well as the wattbox IP power bar which allows us to remotely reset or reboot the equipment.

The wattbox units are especially useful for after hours or weekend support. They do need a hard wired ethernet connection so having CAT6 behind the displays is highly recommended.

Remote Tech Support

To find out more about Cloud 9 AV remote tech support and some of the other tools we use, please use the contact form on our website.

To find out more about Wattbox or OvrC solutions, visit or click here.

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