Troubleshooting my universal remote control

One of the most important pieces of equipment you will have as a Cloud 9 customer is a universal remote control. These controllers act as your guide for navigating through the complexities of the AV work and simplify the use of your equipment.

There are a few things you should check if you have issues with the remote.

Broken remote

TOP 5 Remote Issues:

1. No response from remote

  • Is the remote responding when you press a button? If not and it looks like it has locked up, try pulling the battery to perform a hard reboot. These are computers and they sometimes need a quick restart.

2. IR emitter has fallen off

  • A common issue we find is that the infrared emitter has been knocked off the front of the device you are trying to control. E.g, your Rogers box, bluray player, etc. Look inside the cabinet and see if the IR emitter is still attached. If it has been knocked off the front or back of the component, use our website search box to find the article that will help you. E.g., Rogers IR, Panasonic Bluray IR, etc

3. RF Interference in the base station

  • If you are using a remote base station (small box near your equipment with an antennae) like the MRF260 or MRF350 from URC, you could be experiencing RF interference. There are often RF issues that start after we have tested everything from simple things like wireless devices being placed nearby. Read the article on RF interference to help you find a safe zone.

4. Rogers cable box is OFF

  • A common problem is with Rogers cable boxes being turned off overnight or becoming “out of sync”. The Rogers boxes cannot be told to turn on or off…they simply have a power toggle button.
  • First look inside your cabinet and see if the box is off after you have tried to turn on the rest of the equipment. Turn the Rogers box on manually. If this fixes your issue, next time you can try to select the “watch rogers” activity and then press the “on” button at the top of your remote which will send the power command to the Rogers box.

5. Damaged Battery

  • Although not as common, it is possible that your battery is dead. One of the visible signs of a damaged battery is a swollen battery. Remove the battery and feel for any swelling. This will require a new battery. Contact us with your model number and we will order a new one for you.

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