Do you want to access US Netflix from Canada?

US Canada Netflix

Here is a quick breakdown of US content access since we are having clients asking.

There are obvious benefits to having access to US content. Sites like NBC, ABC, etc have streaming content. Services like Netflix have a lot more content available, and many services like Rhapsody and Pandora are not available at all.

There are 2 reliable ways to access US content.

VPN or tunneling service

  • All traffic is encrypted and disguised as coming from a US address.
  • Can be configured on a single computer or using a router to hide parts/all of the network.
  • Possible issues as all traffic (etc banking, .gov sites) comes from US.
  • Setup can be difficult requiring advanced router knowledge

DNS redirect service such as Unblock-Us

  • Only traffic destined for sites with US content are re-directed
  • Easy setup per device
  • May need to update IP occasionally
  • Since only supported sites are redirected, if a new service is released or un-supported it will not appear to come from a US IP.

Some helpful links to see what is available using US addresses to access content.

Netflix Show Comparison for Canada vs. USA

For more information, please contact our services group and we can help you setup advanced media streaming solutions

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