Where’s that contractor?


Do your contractors drive you up the wall with excuses for their schedules? How many times have you been to your job site to find no one is there?

It is absolutely part of the norm and maybe it’s because the standard is set so low or maybe it’s the lack of appreciation for everyone’s time. I know personally I only make promises I can keep. That often means saying no. Clients can’t put unreasonable expectations on our shoulders. Maybe contractors are afraid to say no and are just trying to please everyone.

In reality, I think it just comes down to poor time management skills. Forecasting and scheduling is very difficult and only comes with experience. Having a well coordinated team means having people in charge of scheduling and logistics. If you’re a one-person show, that’s not that difficult but having a few teams on the road and a mix of skills requires constant juggling of priorities based on location and client needs.

It doesn’t need to be difficult and at cloud 9, I think we set the standard for delivering on what we say.

Don’t settle for excuses and don’t trust the yes-man. Have an honest conversation about how things will get done and be flexible. Gather a good team of contractors who understand time management and you will have a great project. It may cost you a little more financially but in the end will save you time and headaches.

Don’t settle for excuses anymore.

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